Date Title File No
2019-11-15 Accident to the glider LAK-17A registration VH-GTV A-19/18
2019-11-02 Incident with seagoing ship Fiona, IMO 9149885 L-19/17
2019-11-01 Incident with dipper dredger Vitruvius, IMO 9485459 L-19-18
2019-10-22 Incident with fishing vessel LBB-1113, IMO 8722575 L-19/16
2019-10-20 Accident to experimental amateur aircraft RV-7A registration LY-RVZ A-19/17
2019-10-18 Accident to the glider LAK-17B FES registration N830DK A-19/16
2019-10-05 Accident to aircraft JAK-52 registration LY-WAA A-19/15
2019-09-28 Serious accident with seagoing ship Aramis, IMO 9281592 L-19/14
2019-09-27 Accident to ultralight aircraft Skystar S34 registration LY-EGI A-19/14
2019-09-15 Very serious accident with commercial yacht Lilla W, registered in Poland L-19/13
2019-08-24 Accident to experimental aircraft Lancair 360 MKII registration LY-TAP A-19/12
2019-08-19 Serious accident with seagoing ships  „Reval Viking“, IMO 9211030, and „Lokys“, IMO 9226736 L-19/12
2019-08-11 Accident to the glider LAK-17B FES registration D-KSEO A-19/11
2019-07-28 Incident with seagoing ship Patria Seaways, IMO 8917390 L-19/11
2019-07-12 Incident when rail broke G-19/46
2019-07-10 Accident to locomotive No. 4040260386 G-19/45
2019-07-08 Accident to manoeuvring wagons G-19/44
2019-07-08 Incident when switch was cut out G-19/43
2019-07-06 Accident to shunting locomotive No. 98240000032-8 G-19/42
2019-07-05 Accident to manoeuvring wagons G-19/41
2019-07-03 Accident to the aircraft YAK-55 registration LY-WOV A-19/10
2019-07-03 Incident when rail broke G-19/40
2019-06-29 Accident to manoeuvring wagons G-19/39
2019-06-24 Incident with seagoing ship Wilson Varna, IMO 9534274 L-19/09
2019-06-16 Incident with seagoing ship SL Tengiz, IMO 9269300, and pleasure yacht Boheme 75 L-19/08
2019-06-15 Accident to wagon No. 90868415 G-19/37
2019-05-29 Accident to wagon No. 10930071 G-19/34
2019-05-27 Accident to Train No. 828 G-19/36
2019-05-27 Incident to train No. 3109 G-19/35
2019-05-27 Accident to freight train No. 3465 G-19/33
2019-05-22 Indicent to freight train No. 3543 G-19/32
2019-05-11 Incident with seagoing ship Lyrika, IMO 9080675 L-19/07
2019-05-10 Accident to freight shunting train G-19/31
2019-05-07 Accident to wagon No. 57062010 G-19/30
2019-05-04 Serious incident to the glider LAK-17AT registration SE-UUL A-19/08
2019-04-30 Accident to reserve train No. 8903 G-19/28
2019-04-28 Incident when switch cut-up G-19/26
2019-04-26 Accident to switching compound G-19/25
2019-04-19 Serious incident to the glider LAK-17B FES registration PH-1620 A-19/06
2019-04-19 Accident to diesel train No. 92245003284-7 G-19/23
2019-04-14 Accident freight train No. 2310 G-19/22
2019-04-11 Accident to shunting locomotives No. 982400000716 and No. 982400000658 G-19/21
2019-04-09 Accident to special rolling-stock No. 99249485006 G-19/20
2019-04-08 Serious accident with seagoing ship Boann, IMO 9808792, and floating dock PD-408 L-19/04
2019-04-05 Serious incident to the aircraft Boeing 737-500 registration LY-KLJ A-19/04
2019-04-04 Accident to group of wagons G-19/19
2019-04-02 Accident to freight train No. 3685 G-19/18
2019-03-30 Accident to the glider LAK-17B FES registration D-KMON A-19/09
2019-03-27 Incident with seagoing ship Patria Seaways, IMO 8917390 L-19/05
2019-03-24 Accident to glider LAK-17Bmini FES registration D-KIBG A-19/03
2019-03-22 Accident to ultralight helicopter Ultrasport 555 registration I-C676 A-19/02
2019-03-20 Incident to passenger train No. 17 G-19/17
2019-03-09 Accident to shunting locomotive No. 982400000690 G-19/16
2019-03-08 Accident to group of four wagons G-19/15
2019-03-03 Accident to shunting rolling stock G-19/14
2019-03-01 Accident to shunting rolling stock G-19/12
2019-02-28 Incident with train No. 3542 G-19/13
2019-02-26 Incident with broken fish plate G-19/11
2019-02-15 Accident with train No 4891 G-19/10
2019-02-15 Accident with special purpose rolling-stock, No 992494502212 G-19/09
2019-02-13 Accident with switching compound G-19/08
2019-02-09 Accident with freight train No. 3086 G-19/07
2019-02-08 Accident with passenger train No. 29 G-19/06
2019-01-31 Incident with seagoing ship „Frisiana“, IMO 9385893 L-19/02
2019-01-30 Accident with switching compound G-19/05
2019-01-23 Incident with broken rail G-19/04
2019-01-20 Accident with wagon No. 87801668 G-19/03
2019-01-20 Incident with broken rail G-19/02
2019-01-19 Incident to train No. 625 G-19/01
2019-01-11 Incident with seagoing ships „HC Svea-Kim“, IMO 9235490, and “Interlink Verity”, IMO 9577604 L-19/01
Last updated: 05-03-2019