Safety Recommendations

Safety recommendation means a proposal of a safety investigation authority, based on information derived from a safety investigation or other sources such as safety studies, made with the intention of preventing accidents and incidents.

At any stage of the safety investigation, the safety investigation authority shall recommend in a dated transmittal letter, after appropriate consultation with relevant parties, to the authorities concerned, including those in other Member States or third countries, any preventive action that it considers necessary to be taken promptly to enhance aviation safety.

A safety recommendation shall in no case create a presumption of blame or liability for an accident, serious incident or incident.

List of safety recommendations and their implementation status:

SR-2019-L-02 Implementing
It is recommended to Afalita Shipping Ltd, in cooperation with the engine manufacturer Wärtsilä, to assess whether the cylinder block of the main engine of Klaipeda is fit for use and if action is required, ensure suitability for use.
File No. L-18/16
SR-2019-L-01 Submitted
Engine manufacturer Wärtsilä is recommended to identify ships with installed engines with connecting rod big end bearing housings at risk, propose and implement measures to eliminate such risk.
File No. L-18/17
SR-2018-L-02 Implementing
It is recommended to the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration to prepare and implement a plan, according to which it will periodically check whether the companies operating ro-ro ships flying Lithuanian flag, properly ensures implementation of applicable risk assessment requirements for cargo operations on weather decks in its‘ ro-ro vessels.
File No. L-17/08
SR-2018-L-01 Closed - implemented
It is recommended to DFDS Seaways JSC to review and supplement internal documents - Occupational Safety and Health Instruction No 8L and Cargo Operation‘s Procedure No. 7.4.0, by provisions for additional safety measures for container handling on ro-ro decks, and include cases, when cargo handling is performed by a non-ship crew.
File No. L-17/08
Last updated: 06-09-2019