Accident to aircraft JAK-52 registration LY-WAA

Banesti Airfield, Prahova County, Romania

On 5 October 2019 12:30 UTC in the Banesti Airfield, Prahova County, Romania during the landing did not extend the landing gear of the aircraft YAK-55, registration LY-WAA. The aircraft landed without landing gear. The pilot was not injured.

The safety investigation is performed by the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Authority of Romania (Autoritatea de Investigații și Analiză pentru Siguranța Aviației Civile (AIAS)).

The Republic of Lithuania, as a state of registry of the aircraft, has appointed the accredited representative to this safety investigation.

Course of investigation
2019-10-07 Notification received
2019-10-07 The accredited representative appointed

Last updated: 15-05-2020