Serious accident with seagoing ships „Reval Viking“, IMO 9211030, and „Lokys“, IMO 9226736

Barents Sea

On 19 August 2019, while fishing (trawling), fishing vessel Reval Viking, registered in Estonia, collided with fishing vessel Lokys, registered in the register of seagoing ships of the Republic of Lithuania. Ship Reval Viking sustained bents and other damages in fore part of the hull above and below the waterline, while ship Lokys sustained starboard side hull damages above and below waterline, damages to accomodation. No injuries to people reported. Ships reached ports of destination for survey and repairs using their own power without shore assistance.

Status of investigation
2019-09-04 Preliminary assessment launched
2019-10-14 Decision to start safety investigation
2020-03-19 External consultations
2020-07-27 Safety investigation report
2020-07-27 Letter to JSC Marlinas concerning the submition of the safety recommendation
2020-07-27 Letter to Reval Seafood OU concerning the submition of the safety recommendations

Last updated: 27-07-2020