Railway Transport

The Investigator-in-charge investigates railway transport serious accidents caused by collision or derailment of rolling stocks:

• resulting in the death of at least one person or serious injuries to five or more persons;
• or damage to the railway infrastructure, rolling stock, the environment or personal property cause of at least EUR 2 million;
• as well as any other accident that has a similar effect, having a significant impact on traffic safety control or management.

The Investigator-in-charge can investigate accidents and incidents (as well as technical failures of subsystems or of interoperability constituents).

In case of accident or incident Investigator-in-charge assesses whether the accident or incident with other conditions could have led to the railway transport serious accident and decides whether investigate the accident or incident or not to investigate them.

Notification of a railway accident, accident or incident

Railway undertaking (carriers), enterprises using the railway infrastructure, and railway infrastructure managers, in the event of a railway transport serious accident or accident, immediately, and in the event of an incident, no later than 24 hours, must inform Investigator-in-charge by tel. +370 674 26509 and submit as soon as possible pre-determined notification about railway transport serious accident, accident or incident by e-mail taits@tm.lt

Railway transport serious accidents, accidents and incidents notified to the Investigator-in-charge are shown here.