About the Ministry


2019 04 09


The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania is an executive authority of the Republic of Lithuania which performs the functions of state administration in the field of justice entrenched in laws and other legislation and implements state policy in this field.

The main tasks of the Ministry of Justice are:

  •  to create a national legal system that is in line with the concept of the rule of law and the legal experience of the European Union;
  •  to ensure the protection of human rights and freedoms, and facilitate, by legal means, the creation of a favourable business environment and conditions to improve administration of the state;
  •  to develop and implement the national legal aid system and create equal opportunities for persons, irrespective of their nationality, gender or beliefs, to defend their rights and legitimate interests and seek justice;
  •  based on the principles of continuity and succession and combining different methods and instruments of legal regulation, to create a lawmaking process in line with European traditions and ensure the professional training of jurists;
  •  to establish conditions for the execution of sentences and pre-trial detention that ensure human dignity and comply with the requirements established in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the international agreements of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislation.