Minister of Justice Evelina Dobrovolska presented the team of her political personal trust

The Minister presented the team of her political personal trust.

The new Chancellor of the Ministry is Gabija Grigaitė – Daugirdė, doctor of law of Vilnius University, who has worked at the Ministry of Finance, as Head of the Finance Group of Municipalities. Grigaitė – Daugirdė has been Legal Adviser to the President Dalia Grybauskaitė for six years, held the position of Audit Committee Adviser at the Seimas. 

Jurga Greičienė, formerly Head of Judicial Practice and Civil Law Group of the Ministry of Justice, has also joined the political team of the Minister of Justice. She is the Vice-Minister responsible for lawmaking and civil law matters. The new Vice-Minister has worked in different positions at the Ministry of Justice since 2000.

Vice-Minister's position has also been accepted by Elanas Jablonskas, who supervises the punishment enforcement system and is responsible for changes in imprisonment institutions, for prevention of public procurement violations at the Ministry of Justice and in institutions under his supervision, as well as for implementation of the anti-corruption policy. Jablonskas has previously worked in the Lithuanian Police – as Head of the Immunity Division of Vilnius County Police Headquarters since 2012, four years as Head of the Immunity Board of the Police Department since 2015, Head of Kaunas County Police Headquarters. Recently, he has worked as interim Head of Marijampolė Police Headquarters. Jablonskas has a Bachelor's degree in law from the Law University of Lithuania and a Master of Law and Police Activity from Mykolas Romeris University. 

Dobrovolska has two advisers – Dr. Katažyna Bogdzevič, expert of international law and human rights, and doctor of social sciences Rokas Uscila who specialises in the area of mediation and punishment enforcement. 

‘I am happy that the team members, with whom we have already discussed the first works, have brought along many years of valuable and diverse experience that will help us implement the Ministry's mission and the Government's Programme. I hope that work together will enable us to embark on value and quality changes necessary in the area of justice and will facilitate their smooth implementation,’ said Minister of Justice Evelina Dobrovolska.