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2022 11 30
Together with like-minded countries, we have to find new ways of providing legal assistance to Ukraine, Dorbowolska says

Today, Minister of Justice Ewelina Dobrowolska attended a joint meeting of the Lithuanian and Polish Governments which focused on the issues related to the implementation of assistance measures for Ukraine.

2022 11 30
Ministers from Nordic and Baltic countries unanimously seek ways of providing legal aid to Ukraine, Dobrowolska says

The Justice Ministers from Nordic and Baltic countries are meeting in Vilnius; the ministers’ discussion focused on the measures aimed at responding to the challenges posed by both the war in Ukraine and the pandemic in the Baltic and Nordic countries, i.e., the development of digitalisation and ...

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2022 09 13
Meeting of Lithuanian and Luxembourg Ministers of Justice focuses on strengthening legal processes and support for Ukraine   

Minister of Justice Ewelina Dobrowolska had a meeting with Sam Tanson, the Minister for Justice of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The meeting focused on the protection of minors during criminal proceedings and in penal institutions. Both countries have also placed LGBT rights high on ...

2022 09 13
Lithuania seeks to intervene in ECHR case on mass human rights violations committed by Russia  

On 12 August, the Republic of Lithuania submitted an application to intervene as a third party in the case Ukraine v. Russian Federation at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). This case is before the ECHR on the basis of Ukraine's application of 23 June 2022 concerning gross and systematic violations of provisions of ...

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2022 09 13
Lithuania formally intervenes in a case at the International Court of Justice

Following Lithuania's formal application to intervene in the case Ukraine v. Russia at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the Minister of Justice Ewelina Dobrowolska stressed at a press conference that this step is particularly important because in this case charges are made against Russia, i.e., against the state but not against its ...

2022 07 25
G. Grigaitė-Daugirdė: we must make the aggressor pays provision a reality

During a discussion at the Forum of Justice Leaders in Riga on what European leaders could do in order to not only stop the military aggression in Ukraine but also to rebuild the country, Vice-Minister of Justice Gabija Grigaitė-Daugirdė stressed the importance of finding legal mechanisms.

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2022 07 25
Prosecutor Eglė Matuizienė will work at the International Criminal Court

Minister of Justice Ewelina Dobrowolska met Eglė Matuizienė. On completion of selection procedure, Ms Eglė Matuizienė was appointed to the position of the Delegated National Expert-Investigator at the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court.

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2022 07 25
Representatives of legal professions will be able to volunteer for national defence

The Seimas approved the proposal from the Ministry of Justice to allow representatives of the legal professions: lawyers, assistant lawyers, bailiffs, assistant bailiffs, notaries and candidates for notaries (assessors) to perform voluntary non-continuous military service.

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2022 05 27
E. Dobrowolska: Vilnius Communiqué is another important step towards bringing to justice those guilty for the crime of aggression against Ukraine 

Lithuania not only became the first state to initiate the "Hague Process" on war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine but also continues to take the leadership in seeking legal opportunities to ensure implementation of justice for the crime ...

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2022 05 27
The Seimas Endorses the Proposal to Extend the List of Criteria for Hate Crimes in Line with Calls from the European Commission

The Seimas approved of the amendments to the Criminal Code drafted by the Ministry of Justice aimed at ensuring conformity with EU law and making it possible to fight against certain forms of racism and xenophobia by using the measures provided by criminal law with more efficiency.

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2022 05 27
The Government Endorses New Rules on the Spelling of Personal Names 

The Cabinet approved a draft decree prepared by the Ministry of Justice aimed at creating legal preconditions for the proper implementation of the provisions of the Law on the Spelling of the Name and Surname in Documents that comes into force on 1 May.

2022 05 13
E. Dobrovolska: we must take every measure to ensure the triumph of justice

The delegation headed by the Minister of Justice Evelina Dobrovolska is currently on a visit in The Hague, the Netherlands, and is taking part in meetings with representatives of international institutions of justice to discuss cooperation and rendering coordinated assistance to Ukraine which is suffering from a military aggression.   

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