Prevention of corruption

Corruption is any behaviour of persons employed in the public service (a state politician, judge, public official, civil servant, or other person treated as such) that does not correspond to the powers granted to him or the standards of conduct established by legislation, or the promotion of such behaviour for the benefit of oneself and others, thus undermining the interests of the citizens and the state.

Corruption poses a threat to human rights, democracy and the rule of law, distorts social justice, competition and business conditions, stunts economic growth, and jeopardises governance, the stability of state and municipal institutions , and public morality, and is therefore one of the most dangerous social phenomena.

The Ministry of Justice makes proposals on draft anti-corruption programmes for the Ministry and the agencies assigned to its field of regulation as well as on corruption prevention and control in the Ministry’s field of activities. The Ministry of Justice also analyses and summarises evaluation of the areas of activity of the agencies assigned to the Ministry’s field of regulation where there is a high probability of corruption.

In implementing the measures for the anti-corruption programme of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the Ministry of Justice participates in coordinating the provisions and measures of the National Anti-Corruption Programme of the Republic of Lithuania; within its competence, it implements the measures for the National Anti-Corruption Programme of the Republic of Lithuania, provides summaries and reports on the fight against corruption, and controls the implementation of appropriate measures in the agencies subordinate to the Ministry of Justice.

If you would like to report manifestations of corruption at the Ministry of Justice or at institutions or agencies in its field of management, or if you would like to submit suggestions for improving corruption prevention measures, please write to [email protected]

You can also report cases of corruption to the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania.

Please keep in mind that the laws of the Republic of Lithuania prohibit defaming or falsely accusing another person of a crime. These actions carry liability.

Last updated: 16-11-2023