Public Consultation

1. Civil judicial cooperation – EU-wide protection for vulnerable adults (europa.eu)


The number of vulnerable adults (those who cannot defend their interests) owning property in or moving to another EU country is growing in the EU due to demographic changes and greater mobility.

However, the Hague Convention on the International Protection of Adults is in force in only 10 EU countries.

This initiative will assess the need for improved EU cooperation in this area.

Feedback period

21 December 2021 - 29 March 2022  (midnight Brussels time).

2. Upgrading digital company law (europa.eu)


The ongoing digital transition of the economy and society has substantial impacts on companies, including small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic showed clearly that digital tools are essential to ensure the continuity of business operations and interactions with authorities on company law related issues.

Feedback period

21 December 2021 - 08 April 2022  (midnight Brussels time).

Last updated: 16-11-2023