The Ministry of Justice systematically manages the registrars of the Republic of Lithuania Population Register, the Republic of Lithuania Address Register, the Real Property Register, the Register of Legal Entities, the Republic of Lithuania Mortgage Register, the Register of Property Seizure Acts, the Register of Contracts, the Register of Marriage Settlements and the Register of Wills, the Register of Legally Incapable Persons and Persons with Limited Legal Capacity, the Register of Powers of Attorney, the Republic of Lithuania Trademark Register, the Republic of Lithuania Patent Register and the Republic of Lithuania Design Register.

The Ministry of Justice coordinates the work of the aforementioned registrars, monitors compliance with safety requirements for register data, and controls execution of the registrars’ annual and prospective budgets. The Ministry ensures that all registers are managed in accordance with the law and register regulations, and also performs other functions established in the Law on Management of State Information Resources and other legislation.

Last updated: 16-11-2023