Industrial property protection

The Ministry of Justice participates in the formation of state policy in the field of industrial property protection, as well as in the organisation of the state industrial property protection system.

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The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania

The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (SPB) is an institution of the executive power of the Republic of Lithuania, a state budget institution that performs state legal protection of industrial property objects (inventions, designs, trademarks and semiconductor topographies) in Lithuania and the functions of the central industrial property office in the European Union (EUIPO) and European patent organization (EPO). The founder of the SPB is the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. Currently the State Patent Bureau is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice.

The mission of the SPB is to grant exclusive rights to objects of industrial property and ensure protection of industrial property rights in the Republic of Lithuania, efficiency and improvement of the system of protection of industrial property objects.

SPB vision - accessible and value-generating industrial property.

Last updated: 16-11-2023