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2021 06 18
Vaccinated third-country nationals may come to the country to marry without permission

As of 1st of June, third-country nationals can more easily come to Lithuania to marry. Foreign nationals who have been vaccinated with EU-registered vaccines in accordance with the vaccination scheme of the country where the vaccination was administered, do not need a permit from the Minister of Justice to enter Lithuania.

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2021 05 11
An opportunity to establish a political party for EU citizens living in Lithuania

The government supported the initiative of the Ministry of Justice to make it possible for EU citizens living in Lithuania to establish a political party. Currently, only Lithuanian citizens have such a right.

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2021 05 11
Unique access to global intellectual property precedents has been opened 

The National Courts Administration (NCA) and the International Bureau of the World Intelectual Property Organisation (WIPO) have signed a Memorandum of Agreement on the WIPO Lex-Judgments project: by this memorandum, Lithuania joins the states that provide the most important judgements of national courts.