At the Minister's meeting with EC Vice-President – focus on the January 13th case and justice initiatives


2021 07 01


The meeting between the Minister of Justice, Ms. Evelina Dobrovolska, and the Vice-President of the European Commission, Ms. Vera Jourova, focused on the issue of the January 13th case. The EC's report on the principle of the rule of law situation in the EU, the transparency of political advertising and the matters on protection of journalists were also discussed.

The Minister drew Ms. V. Jourova's attention to Russia's actions against Lithuanian judges and prosecutors who worked with the January 13th case.

During the meeting, Ms. E. Dobrovolska expressed her conviction that the common approach of EU Member States proposed in the European Commission's guidelines being drawn up on potentially unlawful or politically motivated extradition requests made by third countries will also help to protect the judges and prosecutors who have investigated the January 13th case.

"In order to protect both Lithuanian and EU citizens from unlawful or politically motivated extradition requests, there is a need not only for the legal regulation being prepared by the European Commission, but also a cooperation mechanism based on the good examples of Member States, exchanging information on politically motivated Interpol reports. During the meeting, we heard a promise that we can expect results later this year," emphasised Ms. E. Dobrovolska.

The European Commission's report on the application of the principle of the rule of law and the principle of the rule of law situation in the European Union was also discussed during the conversation.

According to Ms. E. Dobrovolska, the report carried out by the European Commission identifies Lithuania as one of the few EU Member States where the electronic case management system and judicial statistics are available in all courts. A new report by the European Commission on the application of the principle of the primacy of law is due to come out in mid-June.

In addition, during the meeting, the Minister stressed that our country supports the European Commission's proposal for a regulation providing for the transparency of political advertising. Also, the measures to legally regulate the publication and labelling of political advertising, with a special focus on the regulation of such advertising on social networks.

The initiatives of the European Commission and Lithuania, helping to protect journalists and human rights defenders when legal proceedings are used as a means of intimidation and silencing (SLAPP), were also talked about with the Vice President of the European Commission.