Evelina Dobrovolska: Partnership with Norway is highly relevant for the efforts to reform correctional institutions


2021 03 03


In the e-meeting with Kim Ekhaugen, Director of International Cooperation of the Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service, Minister of Justice Evelina Dobrovolska emphasised the importance of changes in the correctional system and the willingness to cooperate with the Kingdom of Norway.

Since September of the last year, the Prison Department has been implementing the Project funded by Norway Grants – “Development of Quality Based Lithuanian Correctional Service System”, which aims at creating a system for developing the competences of prison/probation staff and thereby ensuring an effective social reintegration for inmates. It is also planned in this Project to create the optimum infrastructural conditions and implement specialized programmes to change criminal behaviour of inmates until 2024.

The Minister of Justice noted during the conversation that the Programme of the Government of Lithuania places much emphasis on the reform of correctional institutions and that maximum implementation of the Norwegian Project as well as rational use of the funds allocated is highly important and relevant in the planning of strategic works. 

“The most important decisions awaiting our country in correctional institutions – better quality resocialization and more attention for the reintegration of inmates. Our goal is to ensure the conditions for sentenced persons to serve their sentences in line with both national and international standards. Likewise, we should cannot forget the improvement of professional development of the staff and dignified work conditions. The Project guidelines – improvement of both competencies and the infrastructure – play a significant role in this regard,” highlighted Minister of Justice Dobrovolska.

The Minister of Justice and the Director of International Cooperation of the Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service shared their insights about the Project vision and its implementation opportunities.