Ms. Dobrovolska: Lithuania’s priorities in the area of justice will be established in the UN political declaration


2021 03 16

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Minister of Justice Evelina Dobrovolska took part in the United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. Lithuania approves of the political declaration which sets forth the key aspects for the coming five-year period.

“Congress participants discussed a common political declaration which defines country priorities in carrying criminal justice into effect. Our state has taken a clear direction of progress which will reinforce our position on the international arena and will help better ensure human rights,” says Ms. Dobrovolska.

According to the Minister, Lithuania has been currently taking concrete actions to create a sustainable and fully secure penal framework that complies with international standards. 

“We will achieve a breakthrough with the help of the developed reform of resocialisation of persons serving a sentence, revision of infrastructure solutions aiming at compliance of the conditions of Lithuanian penal institutions with national and international requirements and at creation of adequate and motivating working conditions for the employees of these institutions. We cannot tolerate the very high re-offending rates in our country; therefore, we will considerably focus on the quality of social rehabilitation measures and actively encourage the involvement of NGOs and volunteers in these processes,” Ms. Dobrovolska pointed out.

Another issue on the Congress agenda that received a considerable attention is a possibility for the nationals convicted abroad to serve an imprisonment sentence in their countries of origin.  

The Minister underscored that Lithuania had been employing diplomatic means to solve the issues of Lithuanian citizens serving an imprisonment sentence abroad and called for a closer cooperation between countries and signing of international agreements.

Congress participants also discussed wider cooperation opportunities of countries as well as best practice dissemination in the field of digitisation. 

“Application of innovative solutions and process digitisation are the measures that help ensure not only efficient legal proceedings but also cost reduction. In light of the pandemic this issue has become even more relevant; therefore, Lithuania will encourage the development of digital processes and seek efficient international cooperation of law enforcement authorities,” Ms. Dobrovolska commented in the Congress.

The Minister noted the aspects of personal data security and the rule of law, as well as exercise of human rights in the context of digitisation. 

When discussing the topic of combatting human trafficking, Ms. Dobrovolska highlighted that application of preventive measures and programmes is particularly important for the prevention of all types of trafficking in human beings, and strengthening of the international cooperation mechanism is one of the most powerful tools in achieving progress.

The United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice was opened today and will be held until 12 March. 

It is one of the largest events organised by the United Nations that rallies the representatives of governments, non-governmental organisations, scientists and experts for the search of common solutions in the fields of crime prevention and establishment of criminal justice.

The event that is organised for the fourteenth time this year has been held every five years since 1955.