Prosecutor Eglė Matuizienė will work at the International Criminal Court


2022 07 25

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Minister of Justice Ewelina Dobrowolska met Eglė Matuizienė. On completion of selection procedure, Ms Eglė Matuizienė was appointed to the position of the Delegated National Expert-Investigator at the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court. 

According to Ms Dobrowolska, Lithuania finds it very important to contribute to the investigations into war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court; therefore, the contribution of the National Expert-Investigator in this respect will be significant. 

"We are the first country to apply to the International Criminal Court concerning the war crimes committed by Russia and Belarus in Ukraine and we must continue our efforts, therefore, in the face of the brutal military aggression against an independent Ukraine, we strive to ensure that we make use of all the possible algorithms and that the perpetrators of war crimes are brought to justice as soon as possible," the Minister says. 

At the initiative of the Ministry of Justice, Lithuania has organised the first ever selection process to find a candidate to take a position at the International Criminal Court and is seeking other opportunities to contribute with human resources to the investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine.  

Eglė Matuizienė currently works as a prosecutor at the Organised Crime and Corruption Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office. She is part of a team of prosecutors conducting an investigation launched by the Prosecutor General's Office under the rules of universal jurisdiction of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania into war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression in Ukraine. Eglė Matuizienė holds a Master of Law degree from Vilnius University and a Doctor of Law degree from Mykolas Romeris University; she is also the author of numerous publications in the field of criminal law.   

In March, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court appealed to all States Parties to the Rome Statute with a request to delegate national experts in order to ensure an effective response as the Prosecutor's investigations are underway, especially in view of the urgent need to investigate the situation in Ukraine.    

The International Criminal Court is an international judicial body which holds the power to bring to justice individuals responsible for crimes of the gravest concern to the international community; the Court complements national criminal jurisdictions.  

The Delegated National Expert-Investigator will be based in The Hague, The Netherlands. The duration of the secondment will be one year (extendable to two years).