Representatives of legal professions will be able to volunteer for national defence


2022 07 25

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The Seimas approved the proposal from the Ministry of Justice to allow representatives of the legal professions: lawyers, assistant lawyers, bailiffs, assistant bailiffs, notaries and candidates for notaries (assessors) to perform voluntary non-continuous military service. 

The above-mentioned decision of the Seimas will create legal preconditions for representatives of the communities of lawyers, bailiffs and notaries to acquire the national defence skills necessary to prepare for and, if necessary, to exercise the right and duty of every citizen of Lithuania established in the Constitution, namely, to defend the state against an imminent armed attack. 

In the words of Ms Dobrowolska, in the face of the war in Ukraine, we need to take all legal and other measures to increase the defence capabilities of the state in order to ensure that as many groups of society as possible acquired practical skills to defend the country and, if necessary, were able to carry out their civic duty, i.e., to defend Lithuania against an armed attack. 

The legal regulation that was in force until recently, imposed certain restrictions on the activities of lawyers, assistant lawyers, bailiffs, bailiffs' assistants, notaries and candidates for notaries (assessors), such as the prohibition to have a paid job, to be engaged in an activity and receive remuneration or to hold a position, with the exception of a number of exemptions which did not include the possibility to perform voluntary non-continuous military service.