Together with like-minded countries, we have to find new ways of providing legal assistance to Ukraine, Dorbowolska says


2022 11 30


Today, Minister of Justice Ewelina Dobrowolska attended a joint meeting of the Lithuanian and Polish Governments which focused on the issues related to the implementation of assistance measures for Ukraine. 

Together with her Polish counterparts, the Lithuanian Minister of Justice agreed on joining efforts in the field of the application of new legal tools in the context of the military aggression in Ukraine. 

„The ongoing acts of aggression in Ukraine started more than half a year ago; therefore, an active involvement of the international community and adoption of a common approach is required in order to ensure that justice triumphs over impunity as soon as possible. The sooner we find common solutions to ensure reparation for the damage caused by the aggressors, the sooner the victory of justice over impunity will be enjoyed by millions of suffering people of Ukraine," the Minister emphasized.     

In the words of E. Dobrowolska, the support offered by all the countries, in particular by the neighbouring Poland, is currently of paramount importance both for the investigation launched by the International Criminal Court and for the national investigations into international crimes, as well as for the establishment of a Special International Tribunal to investigate the crime of aggression against Ukraine.  

„We have been acting with consistence in adopting the position that the proceeds from frozen Russian assets, both private and public, should be used for the reconstruction of Ukraine; besides, we have to find legally viable ways and develop new mechanisms that would allow these resources to be used now for the purposes of reparations, the reestablishment of the rule of law, and the provision of justice," the Minister said.  

Today's meeting with the representatives of the Polish Ministry of Justice included a discussion on national positions concerning the directives pending at EU level on the protection of journalists and civil society representatives against unfounded claims and on the protection of electronic evidence in criminal proceedings, as well as on national regulation of the prohibitions on war propaganda.